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Stephanieverafter is girl’s treasure trove, offering handmade hair accessories for free spirited and fearless babes.

Founded by fashion creative Stephanie Marie in 2013, Stephanieverafter started as a small online store which quickly blossomed into an international success; boasting an array of the most awesome headwear, from delicate head chains to statement crowns. Stephanie and her team pride themselves in hand making each design from Stephanieverafter's Oxfordshire studio.


Stephanie’s story


As far back as I can remember I have always been creative; from altering my school uniform, to customising outfits and making jewellery for friends. As I grew older, my interest in creativity saw me studying art at a higher level.  After gaining a University degree in Fashion Journalism, I landed my dream job working for many high profile fashion designers.


I had worked in luxury retail for the years previous to my degree, however my post university job allowed me to gain an in depth knowledge into the luxury design industry. Whilst I relished in my various roles such as marketing, selling, visual merchandising large designer stores and having one to one contact with the designers, there was a constant feeling I would love to both create and be at the helm of my own brand.


What started as an outlet for my creativity has now grown into me running an internationally successful store. I take enormous pride in every aspect of my business, from the smallest of details such as handwriting thank you cards, to dreaming up new designs, to hand making each piece.


From its infancy, I had a very clear vision of what Stephanieverafter would be: I felt very strongly about two things; one was that I wanted my brand to be personal and approachable, alienating no one. I also wanted every aspect of the business to be an embodiment of my own personal style. Second to that was that I wanted to empower girls and women to feel beautiful, confident and happy.


I am by nature, a perfectionist, which means I am meticulous about every detail on all of my designs. Whilst striving for perfection, I also love the idea that no piece I make will ever be exactly the same as the last, and that each is truly unique.


Every single item you see in my stores is something I have dreamed up and something that I would love to wear myself. I take inspiration from everywhere, from flowers that used to grow in my Grandmother’s garden, to Burberry Prosum’s latest colour palette. My name is in my store; I would never create or put my name to something I myself did not love!


Thank you to all my customers that continue to not only support my store, but also allow me to follow my dream.

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